Impressive Signage Attracts New Customers:

Nearly 76% of consumers, which is 8 out of 10, reported that they have entered a store or business they had never visited before solely because of its signage. (Source: FedEx)
Word-of-Mouth Power:

Approximately 75% of respondents shared that they have recommended a business to others purely based on its signage. (Source: FedEx)
Signs Reflect Quality:

About 68% of consumers believe that a business's signage is indicative of the quality of its products or services. (Source: FedEx)
Eye-Catching Signs Drive Sales:

Nearly 67% of surveyed consumers stated that they have made a purchase because a sign caught their attention. (Source: FedEx)
Signage Matters:

Nearly 60% of consumers confessed that the absence of signage discourages them from entering a store or business. (Source: FedEx)
Enhanced Signage Equals Increased Sales:

Approximately 60% of businesses reported that making changes to the design or improving the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, transactions, and profits, resulting in an average increase of around 10%. (Source: UC)
Quality Matters:

Over 50% of survey respondents noted that poorly executed signage, such as low quality or misspelled words, deters them from entering a place of business. (Source: FedEx)
Purpose of Signage Varies by Business Size:

Among large companies with multiple locations, 38% identified branding and image as the most crucial purpose of effective signage. In contrast, small firms and single establishments emphasized that signs are essential for making their business stand out and for helping customers find their location. (Source: UC)
Legibility is Key:

Both consumers and businesses agreed that legibility is the most vital characteristic of signs. (Source: UC)

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Retail Customer Interaction Display Advertising Stats:

1. Boost in Repeat Buyers: Implementing digital displays can lead to a remarkable 32.8% growth in repeat buyers.
2. Sales Surge: Digital displays can drive a substantial 31.8% increase in overall sales volumes.
3. Success Factors: Approximately 75% of respondents agree that sales-driven content initiatives, including offers, promotions, product advertising, personalized content, and value-adds, are most likely to succeed.
4. Immediate Impact: Digital signage has an immediate impact on customers, with 59% of viewers wanting to learn more about the product or topic they see.
5. Widespread Visibility: A significant 70% of Americans report seeing digital billboards or other forms of digital signage in the past month.
6. Message Recall: Among them, 47% can recall seeing a specific message displayed.
7. Standout Advertising: A substantial 71% of consumers feel that advertising on digital signage stands out more compared to online ads.
8. Prominence Over TV Ads: Nearly half, 46%, agree that digital signage advertising is more prominent than television ads.
9. Influence on Purchases: Over 40% of buyers state that digital signage can influence their purchasing decisions.
10. New Store Visits: Impressively, 76% of American consumers enter stores they've never visited before purely because of the signage.
11. Eye-Catching Signage: Similarly, 68% of Americans have made a purchase because they were captivated by a product's signage.
12. Impulse Purchases: Interestingly, 19% of customers make impulse purchases after seeing digital ads.
13. Extended Browsing: Customers spend 30% more time browsing products in stores equipped with digital signage.
14. Influencing Buying Decisions: More than 60% of customers make their buying decisions at the point of sale, with digital signage technologies playing a crucial role.
15. Increased Footfall: Implementing digital signage technology can increase footfall by up to 24% in retail stores.
1. IoT Savings: Effective deployment of IoT-based healthcare technologies could potentially save the U.S. healthcare system over $300 billion.
2. Digital Communication: Currently, 70% of hospitals provide digital communication systems.
3. Relief for Medical Staff: An encouraging 64% of physicians believe that the IoT can help reduce the burden on nurses and doctors.
4. Enhanced Patient Experience: Impressively, 75% of caregivers and patients who view hospital messaging on digital signage systems say that the content enhances the hospital experience and provides helpful health information.
5. Digital Health Seekers: An overwhelming 78% of patients actively seek digital health solutions whenever possible.
6. Information Source: More than half, 52%, of patients get some health information from digital signage.
7. Message Recall: A noteworthy 75% of those viewing a digital sign in the hospital could recall at least one message.
8. Patient Engagement: A striking 83% of patients spend a significant amount of time interacting with a hospital’s digital content.
9. Doctor Discovery: Surprisingly, 27% of patients found doctors via digital messaging.
10. Business Boost: Clinics using displays often experience a business increase ranging from 15% to 150%.
11. Costly Communication: Inefficient communication in hospitals leads to a staggering $12 billion wasted annually.
1. Flexible Menu Updates: Digital menu boards offer restaurants the flexibility to change menus quickly, enhancing the ordering process and providing an engaging platform to display specials.
2. Customer Priority: An impressive 74% of restaurant customers consider an effective menu display their top priority, and digital signage allows easy-to-read menu design changes without reprinting.
3. Enhanced Guest Experience: A substantial 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience.
4. Efficiency Gains: An overwhelming 95% of restaurateurs concur that restaurant technology boosts business efficiency.
5. Increased Margins: Indeed, digital signage creates an average increase of 3% in margin per transaction.
6. Digital Dominance: Quick-service restaurants using digital menu boards contribute up to 20% of the digital signage industry.
7. Influential Menus: An astounding 29.5% of restaurant customers find digital menus highly influential in their purchase decisions.
8. Unplanned Purchases: Impressively, 8 out of 10 viewers make unplanned purchases of digitally promoted products in a restaurant setting.